Market Reports

Dalby Market Report – 1st April 2020

Yarding: 2325Last Week: 5098Date: 01/04/2020

Numbers decreased to 2,325 head at Dalby, a change of 2,770 head on the previous week. A fair panel of buyers were present however not all processors were operating.

Dalby Market Report – 25th March 2020

Yarding: 5098Last Week: 6556Date: 25/03/2020

Numbers reduced by 1,458 head to 5,098 at Dalby. Overall quality was generally good. The large panel of export buyers included a super market buyer plus most of the regular feeder operators and restockers. Most classes could not maintain the high levels of the previous week.

Dalby Market Report – 18th March 2020

Yarding: 6556Last Week: 3130Date: 18/03/2020

Numbers increased by over 3000 head to 3130 head to a total yarding of 6556. Buyer attendance was good with most regular buyers and processors operating on a slightly cheaper market.

Dalby Market Report – 11th March 2020

Yarding: 3922Last Week: 3130Date: 11/03/2020

Numbers decreased by 792 head to 3130 head yarded this week. The usual panel of export and feeder buyers was present and operating in a generally dearer market.

Dalby Market Report – 19th February 2020

Yarding: 8000Last Week: 4253Date: 19/02/2020

Numbers increased today by over 3000 head to a total yarding of over 8000 head. Overall quality was fair and large runs of store condition and grain fed cattle were on offer.

Dalby Market Report – 12th February 2020

Yarding: 4253Last Week: 4184Date: 12/02/2020

Numbers slightly increased to a total yarding of 4253 head. Overall quality was good with the majority of the yarding made up of supplementary fed cattle. Buyer attendance was fair and all processors were operating on a rising market.

Dalby Market Report – 5th February 2020

Yarding: 4184Last Week: 3356Date: 05/02/2020

Numbers increased by 828 head to 4,184 head this week. Overall quality was fair to with a large number of grain fed cattle included in the yarding. Buyer attendance was high and all processors were operating. All categories lifted across the board this week.

Dalby Market Report – 15th January 2020

Yarding: 4079Last Week: 1915Date: 15/01/2020

Numbers increased today by 2164 head to a total yarding of 4079. A full panel of buyers were present with an increase of new buyers also operating on the hopes of some much-needed rain.

Dalby Market Report – 8th January 2020

Yarding: 1915Last Week: -Date: 08/01/2020

The first sale of the new year attracted 1,915 head of mixed quality cattle with a fair number of store and lighter condition cattle yarded. A fair panel of the usual buyers were present although not all processors were operating. Bulls were in shorter supply but held firm on last sales market. Heavy cows sold to processors made up to 219.2 cents experiencing little change. Medium weight and lighter conditions cows made up most of the cow yarding with medium weight cows selling firm to slightly cheaper while boner cows were 8 to 10 cents easier. Quality lines of feeder cattle sold well while lighter condition drought affected lines proved harder to shift. Feeder steers sold well selling to a firm market and feeders heifers followed a similar trend once again on a quality driven market. Restocker classes were in shorter supply with restocker steers selling firm to slightly easier and restocker heifers eased 4 to 6 cents.

Dalby Market Report – 22nd May 2019

Yarding: 5754Last Week: 7129Date: 22/05/2019

Numbers eased by 1375 head to a total yarding of 5754 head for this week. Feeder classes lifted slightly across the board with quality feeder steers 4 to 6 cents dearer on last weeks prices.

Dalby Market Report – 15th May 2019

Yarding: 7129Last Week: 5889Date: 15/05/2019

An increase in numbers his week of 1240 head saw a large yarding of 7129 head in total. Cows were readily available with over 2000 on offer. Buyer attendance was good however prices eased across most classes.

Dalby Market Report – 8th May 2019

Yarding: 5889Last Week: 5950Date: 08/05/2019

Numbers decreased by 61 to a total yarding of 5889. Cows were in a good supply with prices lifting across all classes. Feeder steer classes remained firm. Feeder heifers sold to a similar market trend holding firm. Restockers were in decent supply selling firm on last weeks market.

Dalby Market Report – 24th April 2019

Yarding: 1365Last Week: 3951Date: 24/04/2019

With another short week upon us, numbers eased again today. A short supply of bullocks and heavy grown steers were on offer. Bulls continued to sell well, Cows were in shorter supply however lifted across all categories.

Dalby Market Report – 17th April 2019

Yarding: 3951Last Week: 7612Date: 17/04/2019

Numbers eased today by 3663 to a mixed quality yarding of 3951 head. Cows were in shorter supply with quality heavy cows selling firm to a slightly cheaper market. Restocker steers and heifer classes eased across the board with quality lines easing 5 to 10 cents. While lesser quality lines particularly heifer classes eased 15 to 20 cents.

Dalby Market Report – 10th April 2019

Yarding: 7612Last Week: 5842Date: 10/04/2019

Numbers increased today by 1770 to a quality yarding of 7612. Restocker numbers were in a good supply although prices easing across both classes of steers and heifers with the exception of a small selection of quality pens working on a quality pending market.

Dalby Market Report – 27th March 2019

Yarding: 5027Last Week: 4629Date: 27/03/2019

Numbers increased across most areas with a large consignment of yearling heifers presented. Export buyer attendance was good with most regular feeder operators present and operating.

Dalby Market Report – 20 March 2019

Yarding: 4629Last Week: 2997Date: 20/03/2019

Numbers increased this week by 1632 head to a total yarding of 4629 head. Most export buyers and processors were present and operating on a firm to slightly better market.

Dalby Market Report – 13 March 2019

Yarding: 2997Last Week: 6014Date: 13/03/2019

Numbers reduced substantially this week by just over 3000 head to a total yarding of 2997 head. All buyers and processors were in operation competing in a stronger market with shorter supply of quality cattle.

Dalby Market Report – 6 March 2019

Yarding: 6014Last Week: 8349Date: 06/03/2019

Numbers reduced from the high of the previous week to 6014 head, and included in the lineup were 344 head from NSW, and 1169 from far Western Queensland, with the remainder from the usual supply area.

Dalby Market Report – 27 February 2019

Yarding: 8349Last Week: 6017Date: 27/02/2019

Numbers lifted by 2300 head to a large mixed quality yarding of 8349 head. Buyer attendance was good overall and all processers were present and operating on an easier market. Bullocks and heavy grown steers were in limited supply but still sold to a slightly easier market of 5 to 8 cents.

Dalby Market Report – 6 February 2019

Yarding: 6218Last Week: 3487Date: 06/02/2019

Numbers increased by 2,731 head to a good quality yarding of 6,218 head. Export and feeder cattle were wellrepresented. Good quality restockers were on offer sparking healthy competition between buyers, increasing prices.

Dalby Market Report – 30 January 2019

Yarding: 3487Last Week: 5009Date: 30/01/2019

Numbers eased by 1,522 head for a total yarding of 3,487. Buyer presence was strong with all the major exporters competing on a stronger market. Prices improved across many categories with Cows, Heavy Steers and Bullocks receiving the largest gains.

Dalby Market Report – 23 January 2019

Yarding: 5009Last Week: 8021Date: 23/01/2019

Numbers eased by 3012 head this week for a yarding of 5009 head. All export buyers were present and operating this week which saw prices hold firm on last week.